Make the difference

All athletes, whatever the discipline, age and practical level, benefit from an identical training.

Sport is a competitive sector and to make a difference, it is necessary to go further in its preparation.

Currently, a major element remains untapped ...

Perceive the detail

Vision is the basis of all sports strategies and gestures. Indeed the eyes perceive, the brain analyzes and the body executes.

Knowing that 90% of the information perceived by the brain comes from the eyes, one quickly understands the interest of vision in the sport.

To meet this need, two orthoptists created ...

Our team

Eyesports was born of a collaboration of two orthoptists who decided to put their skills at the service of sport.

The orthoptist is the only practitioner who analyze, re-educate and train vision. He is, in a way, the physiotherapist of the eyes.

After several years, we have developed a forefront care based on observations that we detected on field ...

Guillaume Coste Alexandre Debarge

Our strategy

Because our availability to our customers is paramount, Eyesports moves all year round, at home, to offer a service adapted to high-level constraints.

In addition, the eyesports sessions fit perfectly with the physical level of the athlete since even an injured athlete can continue to train.

Our observations

Each sport discipline is visually very demanding. A decrease in perceptivo cognitive
performance will have an impact on the risk of injuries and sports results.
Unlike physical abilities, the analysis of the vision rely solely
on the subjective impressions of the staff ...

Our solutions

To put athletes and staff in the best possible conditions, Eyesports is committed to increasing visual performance and providing objective confidential data.

To reach these requirements, Eyesports relies on innovative technologies such as the Neurotracker or the Fitlight.

The neurotracker

The Neurotracker, developed by Dr. Faubert, measures and improves the eye / brain connection.

The goal is to follow 3D balls in motion that can cross and collide whatever the level of difficulty imposed.

This training increases multi task processing, concentration as well as visual anticipation.

Your benefits

Take a vision ahead

The vision occupies a preponderant place in the sport however it is currently neglected.
In competition, it is a detail that makes it possible to make a difference. Eyesports is convinced that vision is much more than a detail.
Athletes who will integrate the perceptive training cognitive will take a vision ahead of their competitors

They are already using it

These teams of different disciplines and countries already use the technology used by Eyesports.